Virtual College Fair

If you have a high school student you might be starting to talk about, look at, explore colleges.  It can be overwhel,in to say the least.  Where to do start, how do you possibly visit all you options or narrow down you options.  Well on May 25th from 2-10 pm there will be a virtual college fair.  How cool is that.  Search through college from the comfort of your own home.  Click the link to find out more.

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FACE Co-Op’s Graduation Curriculum/Yard Sale


The Hanover based co-op FACE is having a curriculum/yard sale hosted by their graduating class on on May 13th at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.  You can participate by either buying a spot and selling or shopping or BOTH!  If you would like to set up a table or need more information you can email

Break down details:

What:  Curriculum/ Yard Sale

Where:  St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 127 York St. Hanover

When: May 13th, 9-2

Who: FACE Co-op

Other:  Refreshments will also be available to purchase

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East Coast Animal Rescue

Did you know Adams County was home to an exotic animal rescue sanctuary?  I know it’s hard to believe that our little area has such a thing but we do.  Located in Fairfield it is home to more than 40 species of exotic animals.  Opening day for this season is May 6th, and they are offering FREE admission!  For opening day they are planning on having educational activities, face painting and other fun stuff. What a great way to spend a Saturday, building memories with the kids.  Hours of Operation are from 11-5 (and they do say it’s weather permitting).


Quick Details:

Where:  320 Zoo Road, Fairfield, PA

When: May 6, 2016

Time: 11 AM-5 PM

Cost: Free on this day, Adults $10, Children 3 and up $5 for the rest of the season

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York Home School Association Expo

York Homeschool Association Expo is coming up on 4/22!  Held from 10-3 at Church of the Open Door there is something for everyone.

Things this Expo offer include:


Various College Reps

Young Entrepreneur Section

And of course other homeschoolers to meet and exchange ideas with.  Plus, people will be selling gently used items that they are done with.

There is a $5 per family fee for attending.

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Oakes Museum spring programs

Oakes museum has their spring programs up on their website.
If you aren’t familiar with them, located at Messiah college Oakes Museum of Natual history is a museum and learning center offering programs for homeschoolers, scouts, and has a curator club.

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Hall of presidents

With election season heating up you might be taking time to talk about the election process but what about our previous presidents? We have such an awesome resource right here in the Adams County to learn about our presidents. The Hall of Presidents is located on Baltimore St. right before the National Cemetary. While there is a set pace for going through it is slightly self paced. The life size presidents are divided into 5 rooms. Each talk to you for about 1-2 minutes giving you the highlights of their presidency. As you enter each room your press a button to start them up so you would have time to discuss things before leaving a room or when entering the next room. This is also a good fit for little ones, although there is no touching there are chairs to sit on, plus they would have the movement of walking to the next room and seeing each president “light” up. The 5 rooms take roughly one hour and then there is a seperate room to see the first ladies. While the first ladies don’t talk there is a sign for each of them and a little information about them. For example did you know that not all first ladies where the wives of the president? You could spend quite a bit of time in this room. Also seeing the fashion change through time is quite fascinating as well.

As for price, it’s rather reasonable:
Adults (13 and up): $7.50
6-12: $3.50
Under 6: Free

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ID for the PSAT/SAT

Do you have a high school student that will be taking the PSAT or SAT but they have a driver’s license?  Don’t fret about a picture id, as the college board has thought of homeschoolers.  On their site is a form that you can print, attach a photo of your child, have it notorized and bam.  Problem solved and all for the cost of a picture and notary (which some credit unions will do for free).  This is a much cheaper and easier option than going to the DMV to get a state issued photo id.  Curious about the PSAT find out more here and what homeschoolers should know.

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Dobbin House

Edited 4/7/17–The Dobbin House is again offering free tours for 2017.  It’s really a great overview of just how much has happened in Adams county since it’s founding.

dsc_0529Looking for a different field trip in the Gettysburg Area?  The Famous Dobbin house is having free tours from now until the end of the year (not sure if they will continue into 2017) on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 10 am.  My kids and I went and it was fabulous. The tour lasts anywhere from an 1- 1 1/2 hours.  It starts outside and then moves inside.  Did you know that house dates back as far as the Revolutionary War?  I had no idea and hearing about Rev. Dobbin was just fascinating.  The artifacts, the underground railroad stop, the tavern it was just comprehension for one house.  One house that saw three Wars.  It’s worth the time.


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Cooking Classes

Hollabaugh Brothers’ Orchard in Biglerville has 3 cooking classes for kids planned for the rest of this year. Below is the keys points but check the website for more details.  All supplies are included in the cost. If you are interested they also have classes for adults, again check the website.

The October one is planned for Thursday, October 20th from 6-7:30 and the theme is Apples!

Ages 9-13

Cost: $30

Registration required: Call 717-677-8412


November’s class will be held on Tuesday ,November 8th at 6-7:30 and the theme is Pets!

Ages: 8-13

Cost: $15

Registration required: Call 717-677-8412

December’s class is on Thursday, December 8th at 6-7:30 and the theme is Christmas Cookies!

Ages: 9-13

Cost: $30

Registration required: Call 717-677-8412

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College Fair

Calling all High Schoolers!  Tuesday September 20, 2016 Hanover Rotary will once again be sponsoring a College Fair at the Hanover Senior High from 6-8.  This event is open to the public.

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