Local homeschool Groups

There are 2 local homeschool support groups in Adams County.  You can find there information below
GRACE Christian Homeschool Services exists to serve and support homeschooling families through guidance, recreational activities, academic classes, community events and education in the Adams/York counties in south central PA and surrounding areas. As a Christian homeschool support group that serves homeschooling families, we provide classes, parties, field trips, fairs, activity days, family nights, portfolio shares, evaluation day, planning meetings, an annual Back2School ice cream social and other events. We are board led and member supported.

PEAC Place for members of Parent Educators of Adams County (PEAC) to exchange news and information. PEAC is an inclusive group of homeschoolers; all Adams County, PA and nearby homeschoolers are welcome.

Family Academic & Christian Enrichment (FACE) Co-op -The purpose of FACE is to provide our children with educational opportunities that promote academic excellence and spiritual development in a class setting under the supervision of other Christian homeschooling parents. Our goal is to give our students classes, projects, and experiences that will help to meet Pennsylvania home education requirements. We also strive to offer relevant core classes and electives. We exist to help families share their gifts and talents with one another, to create social opportunities for our students, and to bless them with great course material and fun and engaging experiences. We are also here as parents to help and encourage one another in this journey we call “homeschooling”.