GO Adams County!

This is on the post with the rubbings if you want to know what you are looking for.

A few years ago as part of the library’s summer reading program there was something called “Roads to Freedom”.  The kids and I loved it.  Then for various reasons, they had to discontinue it.  I’m so excited they brought back the same type of program this year; only this time it’s known as GO Adams County (in partnership with Wellspan).  We just completed our first walk.

Starting point for Gettysburg College

For our first walk we went to Gettysburg College.  It was a good beginning walk.  As a note though, the college is doing some work so we were not able to go back the way the directions suggestion.  However, being familiar with the college I had no trouble getting back to my vehicle.  Due to going a different way I’m sure we didn’t get the full .81 miles in but I do this more for the fun than the walk (but the walking is great, don’t get me wrong).

This program has many advantages.  One it can be a great family activity and it’s FREE!  There’s also the exercise.  You might get to a different part of Adams County and find a really cool place.  It can also be a tool for helping your kids build confidence in reading or leading.  Depending on how things are going, I’ll allow a child to be the leader, reading the directions and deciding what they mean.  So have some fun and go to your nearest library and get your booklet with directions and paper to collect your rubbings on.  Program runs until the end of July.

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