Hall of presidents

With election season heating up you might be taking time to talk about the election process but what about our previous presidents? We have such an awesome resource right here in the Adams County to learn about our presidents. The Hall of Presidents is located on Baltimore St. right before the National Cemetary. While there is a set pace for going through it is slightly self paced. The life size presidents are divided into 5 rooms. Each talk to you for about 1-2 minutes giving you the highlights of their presidency. As you enter each room your press a button to start them up so you would have time to discuss things before leaving a room or when entering the next room. This is also a good fit for little ones, although there is no touching there are chairs to sit on, plus they would have the movement of walking to the next room and seeing each president “light” up. The 5 rooms take roughly one hour and then there is a seperate room to see the first ladies. While the first ladies don’t talk there is a sign for each of them and a little information about them. For example did you know that not all first ladies where the wives of the president? You could spend quite a bit of time in this room. Also seeing the fashion change through time is quite fascinating as well.

As for price, it’s rather reasonable:
Adults (13 and up): $7.50
6-12: $3.50
Under 6: Free

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