Work Permits

There comes a time when we must start to nudge our little birds from the nest, urge them to test their wings and hope that we have taught them well.  One of these test runs requires getting a job.  Getting a job before the age of 18 requires getting a work permit.  While I had no issues with my oldest looking for and obtaining a job, getting a work permit was a little more of daunting task.  After all, things have changed since I needed a work permit and well you never know what to expect when you walk into a public school needing something for your homeschooler so I was apprehensive to say the least.

work permit

I’m happy to report though, that it was a relatively painless process.  It was actually quite painless I just had some door issues because I am still not use to all this security at schools.  All you need is your child, their birth certificate and yourself.  In my school district (Conewago) I was to go to the High School’s office and once there I politely told them why I was there.  They pointed me to the person I needed to talk to.  I moved about 20 paces to my right and the lady was happy to help us obtain the work permit.  The form was simple enough, requiring only basic information and my signature.  My child was required to sign the work permit.  The office person made polite conversation with us the whole time and then sent us on our merry way.  I think it took all of 5 minutes (once I got pass those dumb doors).  I’m guessing most schools issues work permits from the high schools and from what I have been able to determine on line a birth certificate is the only documemation required to present when getting one.

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