Additional Convention Tips

These tips come from a good friend of my who has actually been to the CHAP convention (I have been to a smaller, local convention but not CHAP).  I hope these offer some insight for you.


Navigating the convention:

  1. Have a game plan – check out the speaker topics ahead of time and schedule your day around those times. Have a pretty good idea of what you want to buy and know which vendors sell that item and where they’re going to be located (there is usually a floor map published closer to convention time), but always browse the other vendors, you never know when you’ll find that must have item you didn’t know you needed.
  2. Don’t buy from the first vendor you see. Many of the vendors sell the same materials but for the same price! Compare then buy. I used a chart with my desired purchases as row headers and the column header was each vendor that sold that item. Once I knew who sold what I wanted for the lowest price I went back and bought.  A fellow blogger just shared her forms for this very thing if you would like to check them out.
  3. Pack a lunch. You cannot bring food into the farm show complex but you can leave, eat in your car, and come back in. Food from the food court is REALLY expensive.
  4. Bring a book bag on wheels. CHAP usually offers a holding area for purchases but I like not having to carry my stuff around.
  5. Comfortable shoes and layers is a must!

What tips would you share with fellow homeschoolers?

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