FACE Open house

Family Academic & Christian Enrichment (FACE) Co-op is holding an Open House for homeschooling families interested in possibly registering to attend for the 2016-2017 school year. Open House will be held April 14th with tours starting at 9:20am and the final tour at 12noon. Families will be given a tour at our current facility, meet with a Board member to learn more about the co-op, and receive detailed information about participation for homeschooling families. For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact Becky Fleming at micah4@comcast.net

The purpose of Family Academic and Christian Enrichment Cooperative (FACE Co-op) is to provide our children with educational opportunities that promote academic excellence and spiritual development in a class setting under the supervision of other Christian homeschooling parents. Our goal is to give our students classes, projects, and experiences that will help to meet Pennsylvania home education requirements. We also strive to offer relevant core classes and electives. We exist to help families share their gifts and talents with one another, to create social opportunities for our students, and to bless them with great course material and fun and engaging experiences. We are also here as parents to help and encourage one another in this journey we call “homeschooling”.

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