Community Appreciate Day

Sorry for the short notice.  On Monday February 15, the Gettysburg Foundation and national military park will host the first of four community days for this year.  This is a great field trip!  We attended things last November and really enjoyed them.  This opportunity is strictly for Adams County residents.  So if you are an Adams Countian on Monday you can go to the following places for FREE!

This includes the movie (which is about 15 minutes), the cyclorama (which is stunning) and the museum (which has a lot to see and even interactive displays).  I tell you what my older kids could have spent much more time in the museum they were enjoying it so much but my littles who can’t read looked and we’re ready to move on quickly. The center is open from 8-5 with the last show starting at 4.

I took this during the cyclorama show, you can take pictures during it so long as the flash doesn't go off.

I took this during the cyclorama show, you can take pictures during it so long as the flash doesn’t go off.


The David Wills house has 2 short videos that can be watched and is a self guided tour of 5 galleries and 2 rooms.  While my littles could appreciate the rooms, the galleries held no interest for.  Also, since this is in downtown Gettysburg, you will need to pay to park.  The David Wills house is open from 10-4

Okay, so I don’t know much about this one as I forgot to go back to it when we did the other 2.    From what I have gleaned though this center gives you the opportunity to dive into the 1800’s culture and learn about what the town folks and solidiers endured.  It is open from 12 to 5.

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