Registration is Open

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That time of year is upon when conventions will be happening.  If you live in Adams County there are 2 conventions within an hour’s driving time you can attend.  Registration is now open for CHAP’s 30th annual convention held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex.  Unlike previous years though, this year’s convention will not be held on Mother’s Day weekend but will be held the following weekend on May 13 and 14.

This year’s theme is Renewing Our Minds.  You can get all the details on CHAP’s website but I would just like to take some time to highlight a few things.  There are 3 different “deadlines” for prices.  Now through the 29 will give you the best price, then there is the mid-level price from 3/1-4/30, and last full price from 5/1 up until the day of the convention. Oh, and there is special pricing for parents of preschoolers.

Speaking, of, this event boast of over 6,000 attendees, has over 15 speakers this year, not to mention over 100 vendors.  Why am I telling you this?  Well if you are new to homeschooling, this event could be overwhelming and have you second guessing yourself.  I’m suggesting to go armed with a friend that has been down this road before and can help you navigate all of it.

Another highlight of the convention is the graduation ceremony.  If you have a senior graduating this year you have until the 15th of February to register them to participate with this event if you would like them to.

Also, there are 3 contests your students can enter into.  Science, art and an essay contest will give your students something to get excited about.  The deadlines for these contests are March 31st.

One last highlight-the used book sale.  Yes, folks, you have the opportunity to clean off shelves and make room for the new stuff at the used book sale.  Or you have the opportunity to score some awesome deals.  You don’t even have to man your table, you can go and enjoy the convention and volunteers will take care of it all for you.

So there you have it.  Just a few highlights and insights to CHAP’s convention this year.  I’ll let you know about the other convention next week.

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