Our Great Library System

Hello Adams Countains, are you all dug out yet?  Suffering from cabin fever?  I know the feeling.  Thankful the kids have been enjoying playing in the snow.

Today, I would like to start a focus on our wonderful library system-The Adams County Library  The Adams County library system is made up of 6 branches plus the bookmobile.  Seriously, you shouldn’t be more than like 15 minutes from a library if you live in Adams County.  And the things they offer, well it’s going to be more than one post about the many services they offer.

Today, I want to focus on one that is directly for homeschoolers.  East Berlin Library has a homeschoolers program.  It’s held on Fridays at 1 pm and is divided by grades.  The first and third Friday is for K-6 and the second Friday is for 7th grade and up.  Sign up is required.  They are also in the process of getting an awesome new expansion so watch the parking situation.

Stayed tuned for further great things you can find or benefit from at our library.

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